Donate Just One Dollar

Have you ever watched a beehive? It is fascinating seeing thousands of little bees working together to produce honey. They all come together going about many tasks necessary to keep the hive alive. They are working together as a community.

Also, when you look back on ancient tribes, they all worked together to keep their community alive. Some hunted, some cooked, some built, and some cleaned. But nobody sat around doing nothing. The community came together to make sure everyone, including themselves, was taking care of.

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Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, we have lost that desire to help and come together. We have forgotten, that as a community, we are more powerful than we are alone. One large gesture can be exhausting, but thousands of small gestures can turn into a World Changing Movement.

The One Dollar Cancer Project is here to help people who have chosen a safer alternative to treating their cancer.  These patients have decided NOT to use chemotherapy or radiation and the alternative choice to treat their cancer naturally costs more than most people can afford.

Our goal at The One Dollar Cancer Project is to encourage people to come together and donate just one dollar out of their pocket. If we can share this with 100,000 people, and each one can give just one dollar, we can help cancer patients move forward with their choice of a healthier alternative treatment.

The more people we can reach, the more people we can help.

Are you ready to start a movement? #TheOneDollarCancerProject